Hiii There!!
About Me.

Firstly my full name is Jean Marie Gustave MBONYINSHUTI and i am a self-driven/motivated aspiring full stack software and technical support engineer with 2+ years of experience, who is eager and keen to learn new different things everyday, born and raised in Kigali-Rwanda.

A versatile and a tactful team-player with an open-mind to new challenges, an enthusiastic young person with vision of finding solutions to problems through technology.

An experienced Innovator with a demonstrated history working in the tech, professional training & coaching industry. Skilled Modern technologies, Business intelligence,Cyber-security,Network administration and Small Business Consulting.


Been involved in 5+ projects where i've successfully contributed my abilities in software development/testing , technical support and also in Innovation industry.😎

More https://github.com/GustaveRw


Have shown abilities in many different modern technologies like

HTML5/CSS3/Vanilla.js/React.js/Redux/JQuery/PHP/Laravel/Node.js/ and so many others...😎😎

More on https://www.codewars.com/users/GustaveRw